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win shared room accommodation, lunch, IDC preparation course, Instructor EANx rating, IDC/IE pass guarantee and Job placement service.



Prices List below are in EUROS (€)



3 weeks-2 months


€ 2425 



3 weeks-2 months


€ 1895 



9 days


€ 975 



3 weeks


€ 1,500 



9 days


€ 1,221



2 weeks-1 month


€ 1749


IDC+EFRI+DAN O2 Instructor

12 days



€ 1,445

Make sure you book at least few weeks in advance, so you can get your place.
Reminder, our Course Directors take only small classes for better customer service.
"Quality never goes out of Style"


  • 9 days free twin shared room accommodation!
  • Package E, F and G extra 4 days FREE accomodation!
  • Lunch for all candidates during 9 days; IDC Prep, IDC & IE programs.
  • Free 1 day Preparation course prior to IDC.
  • Unlimited diving in our pool and house reef just a short walk from the center
  • IE Pass Guarantee, if you should have a bad day during your IE, a remedial training program will be scheduled.
  • Language translation for non-English speakers.
  • Access to library of PADI Materials.
  • Job placement service.
  • 24/7 candidate support during IDC & IE
  • FREE NITROX (EANx) Instructor Course
  • Full support during your Instructor Examination.


This package is a great choice for those wanting to GO PRO. Included in the package price is the Basic Divemaster Course, Prep Course, IDC & 5 Instructor spec. (MSDT).
Included in this great SAVING package with Warm Water Divers is the following;


The Basic Divemaster Course consists of a full Divemaster Course, including water skills & stamina, practical application, and knowledge development. This is the first track on becoming a Dive Professional.

* Full Instruction
* Unlimited Shore Dives
* Full PADI library access: Videos, DVD's, & non-pro manuals.


The PADI IDC is a ten day to two week program combining a mixture of training in the pool and classroom academic modules presented by yourself, the PADI IDC Course Director and your fellow candidates.

Included in your PADI IDC with Warm Water Divers is the following;

* 9 days twin share accommodation
* Lunch every day during your IDC & IE
* Unlimited diving in our pool and house reef just a short walk from the center
* 24/7 candidate support during IDC & IE
* FREE 1 Day Prep Course to help you brush up on your skills & dive theory
* FREE NITROX Instructor Course
* IE Pass Guarantee - We will pay for your next IE if you happen to have a bad day!
* 25% Discount on all PADI materials, dive equipment, day & Liveaboard dive trips
* FREE Job Search Service - Unlike others we help you set up interviews with our partners around Asia, South Africa and USA.
* Support during the IE - No, we can't do the IE for you. But our team will be there to assist with transportation, tanks, weights and moral support!


The MSDT package is great as it allows you to teach specialty courses right away without waiting to meet the PADI Pre-requisite of 25 certifications. Integrate your specialty skills into the IDC and get your teaching specialties status straight after the IE.

Choose your favorites from Navigation, Deep, Wreck, Search & Recovery, DPV, Naturalist, Multi-level, Diving Emergency Management - Oxygen, Marine Life Injuries & AED, night, DSAT Gas Blender (please note: special prerequisites must be met prior to attending) and more.

IDC + EFR Instructor + PADI 02 Provider Course

This package includes all of your IDC benefits as above plus  4 days extra of FREE accommodation, the 2006 - Emergency First Response Instructor Course (including Primary & Secondary Care, and Care for Children Instructor rating), and a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course.

* Includes full IDC
* FREE 4 days extra accommodation
* EFR Instructor Course
* PADI 02 Provider Course


Includes your IDC benefits above plus: 4 more days of FREE accommodation EFR Instructor, PADI O2 Provider and 5 Specialties.

* Includes full IDC
* FREE 4 days extra accommodation
* EFR Instructor Course
* PADI 02 Provider Course

IDC+EFRI+DAN 02 Instructor Course

Includes your IDC benefits above plus: 4 more days of FREE accommodation one more program to complete your diving education package, become a Divers Alert Network (DAN) Trainer and give more to your students.

* Includes full IDC
* FREE 4 days extra accommodation
* EFR Instructor Course
* DAN 02 Instructor Course

PADI Professional course prices
Course Number of days Cost
Divemaster Basic Course Minimum 14 925 Euro
Assistant Instructor 6 On Request
OWSI 5 780 Euro
IDC 9 975 Euro
EANx (Nitrox) Instructor 1 On Request
EFR Instructor 1 360 Euro
CFCI Upgrade 1 150 Euro
Specialty Instructor Depending on Specialty From 135 Euro
MSDT Preparation Course 5 On Request
IDC Staff Instructor 16 490 Euro
DAN Emergengy O2 Provider Instructor 1 288 Euro
DSAT Gas Blender Instructor 1 288 Euro
DSAT Deep Diver L1 4 On Request
DSAT Deep Diver L2 10 "

Specialty Instructor prices quoted, are for tuition and Specialty equipment required for the course - lights, wreck penetration lines, etc. - but do NOT include the Speciality Instructor Manual, PADI application fees, additional Nitrox (EANx) tanks for the dives, UW camera or additional boat fees

For up to date Specialty Instructor Course prices such as Deep, Wreck, etc, please contact us.

The prices listed below are in Australian Dollars ($AUD).

Membership Level These are payable directly to PADI:
Divemaster 139 $AUD
Assistant Instructor 74 $AUD
IDC Application 188 $AUD
IE 710 $AUD
EFRI incl. CFCI 120 $AUD
Specialty Instructor 69 $AUD
IDC Staff 104 $AUD
Master Instructor 115 $AUD

the IE fee is payable to PADI at the start of the IE and needs to be done by credit card or bank draft. The PADI examiners are not allowed to take cash. All quoted prices are subject to change.

These are available to all our IDC / Instructor candidates and are at a special price, 20% off the retail price.
PADI material prices are changing continuously so please send us a message for an up to date price.


INCL. Instructor Manual, workbook, cue cards, CW & OW prep. Slates, Exams books.

REMEMBER: prior to the start of an IDC, AI or OWSI course the candidate must have completed ALL 16 IDC Knowledge Reviews from the "Independent Learning" section of the Candidate Workbook.

The prices listed below are in EUROS & already include the 20% off.

Special Warm Water Divers IDC crew pack Prices on request
IDC candidate Workbook "
PADI Instructor Manual - Paper or Digital version "
RDP- Table "
RDP - Wheel "
eRDP "
Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate "
Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning Slate "
The Best of the Undersea Journal "
The Law & the Diving Professional "
The Business of Diving "
The Children & Scuba Diving "
The "GO Dive" Open Water Diver manual w/RDP Table "
DVD - Open Water Diver Video, Diver edition "
DVD - Open Water Diver Video, Pro edition "
Open Water Diver Quizzes & Exams "
Open Water Diver PLG CD-Rom "
Confined Water cue cards 1999 ed. "
Open Water cue cards 1999 ed "
The Adventures in Diving manual w/Data Carrier "
DVD - Adventures in Diving Video, Diver edition "
DVD - Adventures in Diving Video, Pro edition "
Adventures in Diving cue cards "
Speciality Outline "
Speciality Instructor manual - Paper version "
Speciality Instructor manual - Digital version "
Enriched Air Nitrox crew pack (manual & 3 tables) "
Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality Course Exam "
Enriched Air Nitrox PLG CD-Rom "
EFR Instructor manual "
EFR or CFC Student manual "
EFR or CFC - Home Study DVD "
The "Rescue Diver Wanted" manual "
DVD - Rescue Diver Video, Diver edition "
DVD - Rescue Diver Video, Pro edition "
Rescue Diver Final Exam "
Rescue Diver PLG CD-Rom "
Rescue Diver cue cards "
The "Dare to be Challenged" Divemaster manual "
DVD - Divemaster Video, Diver edition "
DVD - Divemaster Video, Pro edition "
Diving Knowledge Workbook "
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving "
Scuba Tune-up Guidebook "
Divemaster Course Final Exam Booklet "
Divemaster MLG CD-Rom "
Skill Evaluation cue cards "
Divemaster cue cards "
Course Director Manual - Paper version "
Course Director Manual - Digital version "
Confined Water Teaching Evaluation Slate "
Open Water Teaching Evaluation Slate "
DSAT Gas Blender manual w/Gas Mix Caculator CD-Rom "
DSAT Gas Blender Exam "
DSAT Gas Blender Instructor manual "
DSAT Gas Blender Lesson Guide CD-Rom "

Although these materials are available at a special VIP price, try to get the essential PADI IDC material as early as possible. WHY? You will have more time to familiarize yourself with these tools prior the IDC.

REMEMBER: prior to the start of an IDC, AI or OWSI course the candidate must have completed ALL 16 IDC Knowledge Reviews from the "Independent Learning" section of the 2001 IDC Candidate Workbook.


From learning to dive through to instructor courses and equipment hire make Warm Water Divers your number one stop for all your diving needs.